Complaints Procedure

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Vijal Solutions is committed to provide you with the Best standard of service. However, if you do have a complaint, we will do everything possible to ensure that it is dealt with quickly and fairly.


The information provided here will show you how to:


  1. Make a complaint
  2. Contact the right person quickly
  3. Take further action if you are unhappy with the outcome


Please note that any complaint must be notified to us within six months of the occurrence of the event that caused it.


Our commitment to you


We do everything in our power to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with quickly and fairly. The quickest way to have your complaint addressed is to follow the procedure detailed below.


How to complain

The easiest way to register a complaint is writing us email or alternatively by giving us a call on 00919158848888.


All complaints will be dealt with by the relevant department manager or one of their colleagues. The department manager who receives your complaint will try to resolve it within 5 working days, following the complaint procedure below. If you don’t receive our reply or further investigation is required, please follow our Complaint Procedure:


Complaint Procedure


When expressing your complaint it is helpful to include all the relevant details, such as the details of any telephone conversations, emails, people contacted and any other circumstances relating to your concern. This helps us to quickly and more fully understand the nature of your complaint before beginning our investigations.


Once we have received your complaint the relevant Department Manager or one of his/her colleagues will acknowledge receipt in writing within 5 working days. You can normally expect a further full written response within 20 working days of receipt. Our aim is to resolve the complaint to your complete satisfaction at this point.


In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved within four weeks of receipt, we will write to you explaining the reasons why and explain what further action we will need to take.


Within eight weeks of receipt we will either issue you with a final response letter detailing the outcome of our investigation and our decision, or a letter confirming when we anticipate our investigation will be concluded. If you are not satisfied with our response or if a complaint is not resolved within eight weeks, you may refer the complaint to –


Claims Management Regulator
57-60 High Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 1JS
Tel: 0845 4506858


The Regulator will review the handling of the complaint and can give directions on further handling of the complaint. However, he cannot determine a complaint or award compensation.


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