Consumer Data

All  information related to the consumers is entirely collected for and on behalf of VIJAL SOLUTIONS so there is no third party involvement and clandestine commitments.

All the data are regularly updated to match up to the standards set by the law. Information collected are vast which enables to target specific customers.

VIJAL SOLUTIONS can supply simple basic information such as Name, age, address, contact number, marital status etc or more enhanced details like income,  employment status, buying preferences, financial situation future planning etc.

Multi marketing data

Vijal Solutions provides you with a lot of data for marketing like :

  • Name and Address
  • Contact Number
  • Mobile
  • Email ID
  • Living Style
  • Financial Standing
  • Claims
  • Insurance
  • House hold
  • Employment Status


Most important results of our databases are available as samples. Email to get a sample and we will ensure you get what you need . Email us on

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