How much could my claim potentially be worth?

According to the guidelines issues by the Assessment of General Damages, claims for Food Poisoning could be worth up to £43,890.

A few days to a week £770 – £3,300
A few weeks significant pain (with short hospital admission) to full recovery within one to two years £3,300 – £7,980
A few weeks serious pain with remaining discomfort for a number of years, or indefinitely £7,980 – £16,060
Severe poisoning causing hospital admission for few days to a number of weeks, with impact on ability to work/enjoyment of life £32,120 – £43,890

Taken from ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’, 13th Edition (2015) by Judicial College. Each settlement will be valued according to the individual merits of each case. The figures displayed above are intended as a guide only. Your own Solicitor will be able to advise you of the settlement you could be entitled to. The average settlement based on the above table is £6,675. If you have a sucessful claim, your claim may be for a higher or lower amount this the average.

You may also be entitled to compensation relating to the cost of your holiday.

There may be deductions from the total amount you receive for solicitors fees. Please check with the solicitor for full details before commencing your claim.

What kind of holidays can I make a sickness claim for?

The predominate type of holiday for a Holiday sickness claim is an All Inclusive. You can claim for some cruises and packaged holidays as well dependent on the tour operator. To see if your eligible please call us now on 0330 088 2307 (calls charged at national rates the same as calls to 01 and 02 numbers).

What if I had food off site?

If you ate off site, the holiday company will usually try to disallow your claim on the basis that your illness may have been as a result of the food you ate off site which was not provided by them as part of your holiday.

Must I have seen a doctor about my illness?

No. Although seeing a doctor can help with making a claim, it is not necessary to have sought medical attention to have a valid claim.

Should I have reported my illness to my holiday representative?

Yes. This does not have to have been officially logged but you must have at least mentioned it to the holiday rep

What if my holiday rep gave me vouchers because I was ill?

It’s a common strategy for holiday companies to try and compensate you directly, however, if you accepted any form of Holiday Discount or HolidayVoucher you will not be able to seek any further compensation for the illness you suffered on your holiday.

For example, if you accepted a Holiday Voucher for £500 and then later discovered that your holiday illness symptoms or holiday accident injuries were worth £4,500 then you would not then be able to make a claim for the difference from the Tour Operator. Your claim would have effectively been settled upon your acceptance of the Holiday Voucher.

How much of my compensation will I receive and how much will be taken up in the fee?

We only deal with solicitors that work on a No Win No Fee* basis and all our services are free** to the consumer. All the costs that are incurred are recovered from the negligent party should you be successful. This means our customers receive 100% compensation every time.

Will it cost me anything to have an initial consultation with a Solicitor?

Some solicitors may charge for an initial consultation which could include phone calls, however, every Solicitor in our panel offers a free*, no obligation, consultation so all your questions and concerns can be answered before any paperwork is signed, with no obligation to return your paperwork.

*Charges may apply if you cancel your claim before its conclusion. **We may receive a fee directly from the solicitor.